Connected libro 1

Géneros: Misterio, Romance, Suspense

he is James a 13 year old guy that met Ruby a girl his age at the last month of school and he inmediately falls in love. (originalmente lo escribi en ingles pero lo traducire si veo exito)

Cap 1

Connected libro 1







She hugged me  it was a magic moment i loved her smile her skin her hair mostly everything about her but that wasnt the beginning oh it was far away from it ill tell you my story, her story, our story. i was at sixth grade and all of us were planning to go on a trip to celebrate our primary graduation but it wasnt a normal trip it was a one month trip in wich we could do whatever we wanted our parents agreed but with a condition no alcohol or drugs it was perfect. i was speaking with my friend Anthony about it he was delighted and excited about it but we had to wait a week till we could be in vacations, then someone we didnt knew entered through the door she was beautiful she had brown eyes long hair and she wore jeans and a t shirt (it wasnt normal with girls in my school since all wore skirt and a blouse) i thought she was going for other girls but she went directly to Coll's seat he suddenly started looking at her and speaking in a nasty way.
"oh did an angel just fell from the sky?"  "u look like a hot and sexy angel" he said "i want ur body" i got close to him and said "damn man she didnt even reached a freakin seat and youre getting wet for her already oh man thats such classic from you" then i asked her "hi i am James what is your name?" "Ruby its a pleasure to meet you and what you did right there umm u didnt had to but thank you anyways i was getting bored of him" "and why u said man by the way with such a behavior he has to be called lil kid or something"  i laughed with her that was funny and mostly because Coll was my enemy and he just wanted me to go away.
anthony gave me an approvement sign from his seat and i offered the third seat in our row it was the last also that day we shared and talked to her and we made up our new group of friends we were three and in that week i looked at he with other eyes with shiny eyes she was the perfect girl she was rude and sometimes girly and she wasnt as other girls in our class they thought we were ugly and just wanted muscles and rough guys that made them be in love with Coll he was all less brains or feelings he thought all of those were unnecesary for girls and that made Ruby mad.
But for me she was the best not only because she had a beautiful face it was because of how she thought about others, what she looked for in a guy that made her just perfect then the friday came and we were planning our trip we were all excited about it and we just waited for the long day to end then we started organizing ourselves we paid the money and waited until 8th o'clock then we went to our seats and started speaking about it.

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